Children art workshop on 21 April 2022

The children were asked to draw and paint using the geometric form of circle. A briefing for the children was conducted by Ms. Priti Naik, who was the faculty for this children art workshop. During the interaction with the children before the workshop, when the children were asked to describe objects of the circular form, they mentioned objects such as sun, ball and many more. During the workshop, the children did drawings and paintings using a circle as a form. They drew and painted the sun, ladybug, frog and more.

After this, the children were asked to use the alphabet “C” to draw and paint. They did drawings and paintings of birds, fans and other such subjects.

Tata Memorial Centre art workshop for children on 21 April 2022

Children from the children art workshop on 21 April 2022 at TMC, Mumbai

Select artworks by children

See select artworks by children from the children art workshop on 21 April 2022 at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai for children undergoing treatment for cancer.

painting by Adhyayan Pal (8 years), Kolkata, West Bengal

painting by Adhyayan Pal

painting by Amid Hamja (5 years), Bihar

painting by Amid Hamja

painting by Hamid Reza (13 years), Bihar

painting by Hamid Reza

painting by Kritika (11 years), Kota, Rajasthan

painting by Kritika

painting by Mokshita (5 years), Hyderabad, Telangana

painting by Mokshita

painting by Parth (8 years), Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

painting by Parth

painting by Roji Kumari (10 years), Bihar

painting by Roji Kumari

painting by Shairav (5 years), Mumbai, Maharashtra

painting by Shairav

painting by Shlok Dhirange (14 years), Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

painting by Shlok Dhirange

painting by Swarali (11 years), West Bengal

painting by Swarali

painting by Vedan (5 years)

painting by Vedan

painting by Vedhi Gupta (4 years)

painting by Vedhi Gupta

painting by Virat (10 years), Nagpur, Maharashtra

painting by Virat