Handmade in India

We will create visibility for and promote organisations such as self help groups (SHGs), societies and NGOs which support and create livelihood opportunities for artisans and craftspersons from rural, remote and tribal areas for making handcrafted or handmade products.

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic

We are witnessing massive disruptions due to Covid-19 pandemic. These include :

  • job losses
  • loss of income
  • migration of workers from urban centres to villages

The future looks more uncertain than ever.

We felt the need to strengthen those who are creating something by hand thereby creating livelihood opportunities.

What will we do ?

We will list organisations such as SHGs (self help groups), societies and NGOs who support artisans and craftspersons from rural, remote and tribal areas and create employment and livelihood opportunities for them. This will be FREE service to the organisations which are invited for listing.

We will publish information about their work, their products and the kind of livelihood opportunities they have been creating for those who are needy and marginalised.

Art India Foundation will not get involved in any money transactions. This means that we will not buy or sell any of these products. Our focus will be on creating visibility for the listed entities and their creations.

Product Categories

The product categories covered under this programme would include masks, handwoven fabric, hand spun fabric, tailored clothes, knitted caps, scarves, stoles, sweaters, embroidered clothing, fabric painting, handicrafts, handmade toys, costume jewellery, papier mâché products, paper products, bamboo furniture, ayurvedic and herbal preparations and and many more.

Buy their creations

Their contact details will be published with their listing so that buyers (private and government organisations), traders and exporters can get in touch with them. We will list only those organisations who have access to netbanking and ability to pack and dispatch their products.

Those who wish to send products abroad, will need to have the necessary IE (import-export) formalities done.