Artworks by thalassemia children

The long term art project by Art India Foundation for thalassemia children has been encouraging the children undergoing thalassemia treatment to engage in art and create artworks. We have made available art supplies at the thalassemia clinic and the children do drawings and paintings while at the clinic. The artworks by thalassemia children are diverse in their choice of subject as well as style.

Select artworks by children during November 2022

The artworks by thalassemia children created during November 2022 show the diversity of subjects selected by the children to create their artworks. The subjects include Unicorn, tiranga (Indian flag), landscape, bird’s nest, a house, Christmas tree, birthday cake, blood donation, scarecrow and more.

painting by Aarav Chaursiya, 9 years

painting by Aarav Chaursiya

painting by Aayush Pardeshi, 7 years

painting by Aayush Pardeshi

painting by Ananya Ananta Lokhande, 11 years

painting by Ananya Lokhande

painting by Anushka More, Class 6

painting by Anushka More

painting by Anushka More, Class 6

painting by Anushka More

painting by Gandharv Dawari, 5 years

painting by Gandharv Dawari

painting by Prajakta Mane, 6 years

painting by Prajakta Mane

painting by Pranali Khairaokar, 15 years

painting by Pranali Khairaokar

painting by Shreyash Mahangae, 11 years

painting by Shreyash Mahangae

painting by Siddharth Dipak Wagh, 11 years, Wadgaon Ghenand

painting by Siddharth Dipak Wagh

painting by Swaraj Ravindra Waghmode, 11 years

painting by Swaraj Ravindra Waghmode

painting by Yash Tayade, 11 years

painting by Yash Tayade