Live Portrait Painting using Watercolours by Anil Naik

Anil Naik, a senior faculty from Sir. J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, was invited to do a live-model painting demonstration at Indiaart Gallery, Pune. An experienced artist, who is conversant at handling multiple mediums, decided to use watercolours for this particular painting demo.

Bandsman as the subject of painting demo

portrait painting demo of a bandsman using watercolours

This subject was a colourful 'bandsman', who was hired as the artist's model. The colourful uniform of the bandsman, with his musical instrument made for an interesting subject. Using watercolours on a half imperial size paper, Anil gave the 'bandsman' a blackish - blue skin tone, which contrasted starkly with the red uniform, capturing the spontaneity of the subject.

This live - painting demonstration was followed up by a workshop under the guidance of Anil Naik, which needless to say got a good response.