Khula Aasmaan Special Projects

Read about the special projects by Khula Aasmaan in the field of art and education for children, young adults and college students.

Digital illustrtaion by Kamakshi Sharma

Art in the time of Corona

We announced this project on the first day of the national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our appeal to everyone was to use creativity and positivity of art to fight fear and panic. The response was tremendous with people of all age groups creating art of all kinds with whatever material they could get at home while under lockdown.

For each of the 21 days of the lockdown, we published through our blog select artworks on a daily basis. This collection turned out to be an inspiring story of human endeavour - a story of how hope, creativity and positive energy of art can fight the worst crisis the world faced.

See lockdown art collection

Art workshops for children undergoing cancer treatment

Khula Aasmaan commenced with art workshops at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai on World Cancer Day - February 4, 2019. The workshops were for children who were undergoing cancer treatment. We conducted these workshops once a week. The children participated with great interest and enthusiasm. We organised the art materials as well as the faculty who conducted the workshops. It was observed that children who were otherwise experiencing pain and difficulty seemed to forget their problems and concentrate on creating their artwork.