Music workshop on Dhrupad by Janhavi Phansalkar

Dhrupad music workshop by Janhavi Phansalkar for Khula Aasmaan

Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान) is happy to present a Dhrupad music workshop and performance by Janhavi Phansalkar. This marks the beginning of an exciting long term music project by Khula Aasmaan. We will arrange for music workshops and performances for children, college students, their parents and teachers. We plan to partner with several schools and colleges to do this. The primary objective of this project is to sensitise children and young adults along with their parents and teachers to the wonderful world of music. Several talented and passionate music artistes will conduct these workshops and performances. These artistes have devoted themselves to music.

The ‘Dhruva-pada’ or ‘Dhrupad’ is the most ancient tradition of Indian Music. It originated from the ancient practice of ‘Saam-gaan’. It is a means to explore ‘naad’ or sound through the Raag. The structure of Dhrupad is such that it offers ample scope to the practitioner to meditate on each note of the raag and explore the depths of the swara (musical note) to the maximum extent possible. The character of the raag unfolds slowly and systematically through an elaborate, unaccompanied alap. The absence of accompaniment in the initial development of the raag leaves the practitioner alone with only the tanpura as a point of reference, drawing the mind in a meditative state as it focuses on the pure swara.