Art workshop at a school at Turtuk in Ladakh

The art workshop was conducted by Milind Sathe of the Art India Foundation. The workshop involved screening of images of artworks which have been medal winners, honourable mentions and shortlisted from earlier Khula Aasmaan art contests. The students observed these artwork images with great interest and reacted spontaneously to the artistic creations of other children and young adults.

Milind Sathe talked to them about the vision of Khula Aasmaan and how they could participate in this online drawing and painting competition.

Display at the school at Turtuk Ladakh showing shortlisted artworks from Khula Aasmaan art contests
School children at Turtuk
expression of childrens as they look at shortlisted artworks from Khula Aasmaan art contests
Milind Sathe with school chidren at Turtuk
boys and girls watching the digital display of artworks at their school at Turtuk Baltistan in Ladakh