Art India Foundation undertakes various Art projects and initiatives which have social and educational objectives. Working and engaging with children through various art forms to stimulate their creative thinking faculty has been the major objective of the work being done by Art India Foundation.
Artists with Special Needs
Artists with Special Needs
This section will feature artists who have special needs. They may be differently abled (physically challenged or mentally challenged) or may be suffering from chronic illness. The profile and story of each such artist will be presented in this section with details of their creations which could include paintings, sculptures, cartoons, paper craft, sketches, embroidered or woven fabric, handmade jewellery, carved pieces (out of wood, chalk, stone or any other material), painted objects or just about anything which is not made by a machine - any creation of a person with special needs.
Art Projects
Project - Russian Dance and Music Concert
Russian Dance and Music Concert
Art India Foundation in association with Union Exports present the concert of famous........
Project - The Art Walk 360
The Art Walk 360
Art India Foundation is proud to have been associated with the initiative by ARCIL to paint the wall on Tulsi Pipe Road........
Project - Art for Environment - Art of Cycling
Pune Heritage Cycle Ride
On the occasion of World Heritage Day (18th April) and the week long activities being planned by Janwani at Pune.........
Project - We the People
We the People
Milind V. Sathe announced the art project - "We The People" on Sunday 28th August 2011....