Get Involved

Art India Foundation runs two major projects - Khula Aasmaan and Amaan. While “Khula Aasmaan” is a platform for creative expression by children and young adults, “Armaan” is a platform for people with special needs and chronic illness to showcase their accomplishments and reach out to the society. Both projects are free.

Apart from donations and sponsorships, there are many other ways in which talented individuals can support these projects and make them more meaningful. You could get involved and support the projects of Art India Foundation in following ways :

  • Artists and Art Teachers : We are looking for artists and art teachers to conduct workshops and do demonstrations of various techniques of painting and sketching. The techniques would include doodling, drawing, sketching, watercolour painting, charcoal painting, using acrylic and oil colours on paper and canvas, cartooning, collage making, fabric painting, making paper sculptures, origami, making sculptures from clay, and many other possibilities.
  • Translators : We are looking for translators to translate the English content of the web pages into Hindi and other major regional Indian languages such as Marathi, Malyalam, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and more…
  • Graphic Designers : We are looking for graphic designers who can help us design communication messages to reach out to children, young adults, parents, teachers and society at large. This will be in the form of communication on our web pages, social media, pamphlets and posters.
  • Donate drawing papers, pencils, graphite sticks, pastels, brushes, colours (watercolours, acrylic, oil colours)
  • Volunteers who can help us reach out to schools, colleges and communities to spread the message of “Khula Aasmaan” and “Armaan”.
  • Volunteers who can help in fundraising for Art India Foundation. Art India Foundation is a public charitable trust. Donations to Art India Foundation are eligible for exemption under 80 G of Income Tax Act.
  • Animators and Film Makers : You could contribute by creating short clips to help Art India Foundation reach out to children, young adults, parents, teachers and society at large.
  • If you have any other skill and you would like to make it available for the projects of Art India Foundation, do let us know.

Please get in touch with us with your biodata and a brief note on how you wish to get involved. Send a mail to :